Ski Patrolling

National Ski Patrol System
The NSP home page emphasizes training, public education, safety, member services, and supplies.

NSP Eastern Division
Training calendar, instructors, officers, and links to regional patrols. Up-to-date news and announcements.

NSP Avalanche/Mountain Travel and Rescue/Nordic
Eastern AMN training calendar, instructors, and links.

NSP Western Massachusetts Region
Training schedule, news, officers, links to local patrols.

NSP Southern Vermont Region

NSP New Hampshire Region

NSP Southern New York Region

NSP Eastern Division Nordic Patrols
19 patrols are nominally “Nordic” in the Eastern Division. Only one has a web page.


NSP Nordic and Backcountry Ski Patrols
Most of these patrol national forests in cooperation with the United States Forest Service.

Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol

El Dorado Nordic Ski Patrol

Pinecrest Nordic Ski Patrol

Bryan Mountain Nordic Ski Patrol

Galena Backcountry Ski Patrol

Southern California Nordic Ski Patrol

Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol

Genesee Valley Nordic Ski Patrol, Site 1

Genesee Valley Nordic Ski Patrol, Site 2

Medicine Bow Nordic Ski Patrol

Mount Tahoma Trails Association Nordic Ski Patrol

Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol

Washington Ski Touring Club Nordic Ski Patrol

Caledonia Nordic Ski Patrol

Soldier Hollow Nordic Ski Patrol

Yosemite Nordic Ski Patrol

Hiawatha Nordic Ski Patrol

Anchorage Nordic Ski Patrol

Pioneer Ski Patrol

Lake Alpine Nordic Ski Patrol

Des Plaines River Nordic Ski Patrol

Garmisch Nordic Ski Patrol

Gordonstoun Nordic Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol Home Page
An unofficial, alternative ski patrol site, with many links to national and international organizations, patrols, and suppliers. Ugly but interesting.

The Patrol Pages
Another unofficial ski patrol site, with links to ski, bike, and skate patrols.

Western Appalachian Region (PA) Nordic Ski Patrols
General information about nordic patrolling.

Canadian Ski Patrol – Patrouille canadienne de ski
Weather, safety, rescue, and training with links to provincial and local patrols and organizations. SNOWSMART public safety education program.

British Association of Ski Patrollers
Information on ski patrolling in Scotland, FIPS international ski patrol conference, outdoor first aid, and safety training courses.

Australian Ski Patrol Association
promotes awareness of alpine safety and uniform operating standards.

VRP – ACP Ski Patrol of Switzerland.
Association of Rescue Leaders and Ski Patrollers. In German and French.

GISP: Il Gruppo Italiano Ski Patroller
Italian Ski Patrol. Some English.

Federation Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski
International Federation of Ski Patrols

International Ski Patrols
Gateway to ski patrols worldwide, most sites in their own languages. Lesen Sie Deutsch?

Professional Ski Patrol Association
Paid, full-time ski patrollers’ news, events, and training.

Miscellaneous Ski Patrols
Yahoo links to several patrols, here and abroad.

Dave’s Snowboard Patrol Home Page
Lots of information about boarding, its safety, and patrolling. Links to related sites.

Huck Finn’s Ski Patrol History
The National Ski Patrol: a Critical Structural Analysis (1996) chronicles the history of the NSP structure.

Blatant Commercialism

These companies offer equipment for patrolling and for avalanche and backcountry rescue: beacons, toboggans, shovels, probes, bindings, crampons, basket stretchers, backboards, high-angle technical hardware, and patrol packs and apparel.

Harper Packs
Harper first-aid fanny packs are made by a ski patroller for ski patrollers. Be sure to click on the Proform button for patroller prices.

Coaxsher Packs

Backcountry Access, Inc.

Traverse Rescue

Cascade Toboggan

Orion Industries Rescue Sleds

Kifaru Sleds (formerly Mountainsmiths)

TotEm Rescue Sleds

Skedco Sked Folding Rescue Sleds

Wilderness Engineering Sleds

Snow Claw Shovels

Harper Medical Patrol Packs

Hawill’s Rescue Equipment

Radio Harnesses & Holsters

Conterra Technical Systems

Coaxsher RCP Radio Harnesses

Moore Manufacturing Radio Harness

Powerport Radio Gear Harness


Blackhawk Industries

Arktis Radio Shoulder Holster

Patrol Vests, Uniforms, Outerwear:

Mountain Uniforms

Ascent Ventures

Ski Area Supplies


WearGuard Uniforms

Vests of the West

Sport Hill Cross Country Wear and Uniforms

Rainy Pass Gore-Tex Fabric Repair