Avalanche Safety Links

American Avalanche Association
Snow science, safety, weather, and statistics for professional avalanche personnel.

American Avalanche Institute
A leader in avalanche awareness and hazard evaluation education.

CyberSpace Avalanche Center
Avalanche education and information center: weather, snow study, links. Good online store.

National Snow and Ice Data Center
At the University of Colorado, Boulder, this authoritative site offers a wealth of information about snow cover.

Colorado Avalanche Information Center
Strong on avalanche education and links to related pages.

Canadian Avalanche Association
Safety, accident reports, education, and links for the Great White North.

Basically links to avalanche warning sites in Europe, Scotland, and North America. Mostly in the native languages.

One-stop shopping for information about avalanches: prevention, rescue, dogs, equipment, weather, and statistics. Links to state avalanche control centers.

RECCO on Avalanches
Here’s a good survey of information about avalanches and safety gear.


Dedicated to training dogs for avalanche rescue.

…Avalanche Awareness…
Tutorial on avalanche science and safety with links to 7 authoritative articles.


“Snow Sense: A Guide to Evaluating Snow Avalanche Hazard”
is the avalanche text used at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Pickel Meadow, California.

“Avalanche! Hasty Search”
Patti Burnett addresses the care and training of avalanche search and rescue dogs. Read the review in the Fall 2003 issue of Ski Patroller Magazine, page 70.

“Think like an avalanche”
Produced by the USDA Forest Service National Avalanche Center in cooperation with the American Avalanche Association and the American Avalanche Advisory Fund, this 49-minute film benefits from appearances by renowned avalanche safety experts such as Doug Fesler, Jill Fredston and Bruce Tremper. For a good review, visit this link: http://www.telemarktips.com/VidRevThnkAvy.html

NOVA: “Avalanche!”
Information about the 1997 PBS production and a scad of resources related to avalanches.

“Ode to Avalanche”
Ken Bailey’s documentary film depicts avalanches in their terror and beauty against a soundtrack of Beethoven’s“ Ode to Joy”. This 1999 production won several awards. 6:30 minutes.

“HOW IT WORKS: A Beacon of Hope for the Adventurer in Peril ”
This New York Times article presents a quick overview of beacon use and technology.

“How to Buy Avalanche Probes” – by Murray Selleck

Blatant Commercialism
These companies offer equipment for avalanche and backcountry rescue: beacons, toboggans, shovels, probes, bindings, crampons, basket stretchers, backboards, high-angle technical hardware, patrol packs and apparel.

  • Backcountry Access, Inc.
  • Traverse Rescue
  • Cascade Toboggan
  • Black Diamond Equipment Limited
  • Avalung Survival Vest
  • Wilderness Engineering
  • RECCO Avalanche, Rescue, Backcountry Safety Systems
  • Life-Link International
  • Patroller Supply